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historyOakand European history

Oak and European History

In European history and culture, oak is the place where Abraham, the father of faith and the father of Israel, worships God. It is also the place where God appears to Abraham. Oak not only affects European architecture and European red wine, but also affects every moment and corner of European history.
  • Druid and oak

    Druidism is one of the oldest beliefs in human society, once believed by Celts. When it comes to Celtic, I'm afraid that the first thing you think about is the Celtic green shirts in the NBA, but actually the name of Celtic team comes from the Celtic nation, one of the three major ethnic groups in Europe. Before the Germanic westward movement, Celts occupied today's central Europe and the British Isles.

  • Oak worship

    It seems to be the custom of all Aryans in Europe to worship oak or the God of oak. Both Greeks and Italians associate the oak with their highest god, Zeus or Jupiter (God of heaven, rain, and thunder). Perhaps one of the most famous and ancient holy places in Greece is Dona. Zeus is revered for living in the mysterious oak forest.

  • Robin Hood and Sherwood oak forest

    In English legend, Robin Hood's name is very loud. The story about him is not historical, but heroes are usually exaggerated or fictional. Generally speaking, during the famous crusades of the 12th-13th century, King Richard of England was captured, and Prince John, who remained at home, seized the opportunity to usurp the power and refused to redeem King Richard.

EuropeOakwith European architecture and furniture

Oak and European Architecture and Furniture

If mahogany is a thick ink painting, carrying the oriental charm of China for thousands of years, then oak is a dancing waltz, coming slowly from the European court with elegant steps through the fetters of soul. Since the 15th century, oak has become the identity symbol of aristocracy and rich middle class in Europe, which symbolizes bravery, dignity and glory.

Walking on oak to worship the Louvre

The Louvre, which was built in 1204, is one of the most famous landmarks in France. The Venus statue, the goddess of victory and the Mona Lisa painting of Leonardo da Vinci are known as the "three treasures of the world". In order to protect the precious historical relics, it is necessary to protect the works of art with frame or anti-theft glass. However, in the Louvre, there is a precious work that can It is the oak floor that accompanies the Louvre for hundreds of years. They are composed of pieces of oak. They extend thousands of square meters in the Louvre, extending the luxury of the Louvre from the top to the bottom

Notre Dame de Paris

Many people are talking about the reconstruction, but the reconstruction of Notre Dame in Paris is not as simple as the reconstruction with money, especially the oak raw material. The wooden roof of Notre Dame in Paris is one of the greatest masterpieces of French carpenters. It once "shocked the Middle Ages". It took 50 years to prepare the wood alone.

Oak and the story of the Olympic Committee

In 1993, the Olympic Museum of the International Olympic Committee was opened at the lakeside of Lausanne. In the design and planning, an old oak standing here has become the architect's "problem". The story of the old oak highlights the IOC's emphasis on environment and environmental protection. In fact, since the 1980s, environmental protection has become an increasingly important topic for the International Olympic Committee.

Oak and celebrity

Louis XIV, the most valiant and skilful "king of the sun" in the history of France, once ordered Nicholas Foucault, the chief financial officer, to plant fine oak in limoushan area for the purpose of building a naval fleet. After Louis XIV's death, oak has grown to more than 100 years old, but the development of warship technology no longer needs wood, so this oak forest has become the "magic weapon" of the top-grade cognac aged in the Pichia winery of the Fukai family.

Red wineOakred wine

Oak & Red Wine

Now it's very popular: I have wine, do you have a story? Now it's very popular: I have wine, do you have a story?

The origin of wine storage in oak barrels


It takes a long fermentation time to make wine. It can't be brewed and drunk just like making coffee. To make wine once, you need to ensure the supply of quantity, so that it can be used for a long time. This is how wine containers came into being. Their history may be as old as wine making technology. It has been 5000 years since we first used wooden barrels to store and transport wine. There are so many materials that are suitable for barrel making, why only oak barrels should be used to accompany wine? The objective reason may be simple, some unexpected. When the Gauls and Romans began to use barrels as a means of storing and transporting wine, oak barrels had become the first choice for all. It's not that oak barrel aging can change the color, aroma and taste of wine. After all, the brewing technology at that time was relatively backward and not too particular. Only because there are a lot of oak forests in France and Italy, which are easy to get materials, and oak is straighter, more flexible and easy to process compared with other materials.

artsOakand literary arts

Oak and Literature

On the oak floor, with the wind in my ear, we can recall the past

To oak

Author: Shu Ting

If I love you --
It's not like a climbing Campanula
Show off by your high branches
If I love you --
Never learn from infatuated birds
Repeat the monotonous song for the shade
It's not just like a spring
Bring cool comfort all year round
It's not just like a dangerous peak
Increase your height and set off your prestige.
Even sunlight
Even spring rain.
No, these are not enough!
I must be a kapok near you
Stand with you as the image of a tree.
Root, hold on to the ground
Leaves, touching in the clouds.
Every time the wind blows

We all greet each other
But no one
Understand our words.
You have your copper branches and iron trunks
Like a knife, like a sword, like a halberd
I have my red flowers
Like a heavy sigh
To the oak like a brave torch.
We share the cold wave, wind and thunder, thunderbolt
We share mist, flowing haze and rainbow.
As if separated forever
But they depend on each other for life.
This is great love
Here is constancy:
Love --
Not only love your great body
I love where you stand
Land under foot.


Translated by Alfred Tennyson: Zhang Chongyin

Live like this
Youth and old age
It works like an oak
The spring is shining brightly
Brilliant as fire
Summer is full
A season of pride
Autumn is changing
Remain calm
Resplendence comes again
Full of golden leaves
Will fall to the ground
Let's see the independence of Iraq
The spirit is still alive
Naked and beautiful

Korean Temple oak

Han Miao cotton red

I'll get in touch with you again
The immortal monk's epigraph
Jiangshan Yi surname Han
Flowers bloom with their own fame
Buds bloom with a thousand trees of red cotton
It's the burning fire that brightens the culture of linghaimingbang
Lin Hongxiu, Bi, no warbler in August
Azaleas in the song of Phoenix
Oak pierces through time and space, bringing spirit and civilization
Hero tree takes over inspirational seaside Zou Lu
Another day in a thousand years
Revisit eight hundred li of Hanjiang River
Fengming mountains reverberate
The first town in eastern Guangdong opens its heart
Eight sceneries welcome friends from all over the world